We provide 24 hour emergency board up services in the Lawton Oklahoma area. Our experienced team responds promptly to ensure that your property is protected against further damage, unauthorized entry, and weather-related incidents. We also work with insurance companies to help you get the best insurance payout possible. Call us at: (580) 258-7610 for a free quote!

Boarded Up Window

Reasons to Board Up a Damaged Property

Here are some reasons why you might need board up services:

Natural Disasters: Homes or businesses can suffer significant damage from natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, or fires. After such an event, windows and doors may be broken or completely removed, leaving the property vulnerable. Boarding up these openings can help protect the interior from weather damage and unauthorized entry.

Vandalism or Break-ins: In cases where a property has been vandalized or broken into, boarding up can help prevent further damage or theft. It also signals that the property is being taken care of, which can deter further attempts at illegal entry.

Vacancy: Vacant properties can become targets for squatters, vandals, or thieves, so it’s important to get a board up to prevent these incidents.

Renovations or Construction: During significant renovations or construction, there may be periods where the building is left with open windows or walls. Boarding up these areas can help protect the interior of the property from weather damage and keep out any potential intruders.

Fire Damage: After a fire, a property might be left with significant structural damage, including broken windows or collapsed walls. Boarding up can help secure the property and prevent further damage.

Insurance Compliance: Some insurance companies require properties to be boarded up after significant damage as a condition of the policy. This helps to mitigate further damage and potential claims.

Safety Reasons: Damaged buildings pose a safety hazard, not just to the property owner but also to the community. Broken glass or unstable structures can cause injuries, and open buildings can be a temptation for curious children. Boarding up helps mitigate these risks.

Mitigating Liability: If a property is left unsecured, it could lead to legal liability issues. For instance, if an intruder enters the property and gets injured, the property owner might be held responsible. By boarding up the property, owners can help reduce their potential legal liabilities.

How Much Do Board Up Services in Oklahoma Cost?

In general, you might expect to pay a base rate of $800 along with an additional charge of $200 per window and door that needs to be boarded up. The cost will potentially be more for larger openings or if the job needs to be done outside of regular working hours. Full-property board-ups, such as those needed after a severe storm, fire, or other major incidents, can run into the thousands of dollars.

If the damage was caused by a disaster, insurance may cover the board up cost. After a disaster it’s a good idea to contact your insurance company to see what is covered under your policy.

Our Service Area

We are located in Lawton, OK, but we can travel up to 100 miles for board ups. Here are some of the cities in our service area:

Fort Sill, Graham, Wichita Falls, TX, Cache, Elgin, Fletcher, Geronimo, Medicine Park, Sterling, Chattanooga, and Indiahoma.